J.T., Laval, Quebec

Melanie C., Carignan, Quebec

Trish H., Brossard, Quebec

J.T., Laval, Québec

My journey with Suzanna!

Hello everyone I'm a mother of 2 babies, growing up wasn't easy for me, I had cancer at a young age and had multiple surgeries and radiation and other therapies! I grew up having a lot of pain and was scared to exercise and started gaining weight. After giving birth with my 2nd baby I decided to train at the gym but no results! One day Suzanna decided to talk with me and this is where it all started she motivated me by coaching me!
I started her training programs and eating better I saw results in 4 months my body changed completely. Suzanna pushed me and helped me get better physically and mentally ... I lost 20 pounds and I dropped 7% body fat. I have more energy but what was more important to me was my daily pains due to all my scars, 90% of my pain was gone I'm healthier.  Her motivation her programs her coaching was all I needed to be a better me!
Thank you so much for everything Suzanna, you changed my life and you are one of the best coach. You do it from your heart and i appreciate that!

Here is a before and after picture

Lost 20 pounds and 7% fat less

Results within 4 months!


Mélanie C., Carignan, Québec

A mentor and a friend

When I was young, my parents never encouraged me to do any physical activity. Music was my extracurricular activity and all my energy was focussed on learning to play a new instrument and performing at school.
As far as I can remember, and although I was getting straight as in all my classes, the only class where I was not required to perform was physical education. I was a great student, a real nerd who stayed in school up to the Ph.D. level, I had great musical talent, but no athletic ability – or interest – whatsoever. I bought my first pair of running shoes when I was 25, and it’s mainly because they were pink and stylish!

In 2009, after going through three consecutive miscarriages, I decided to sign up for personal training with Suzanna. My perspective on health and fitness completely shifted from that point on. Suzanna has taught me that through physical strength I was also gaining mental strength. Suzanna helped me feel empowered, regain a sense of control over my body, improve my health significantly, and lost countless number of pounds and body fat, all of which allowed me to have two healthy pregnancies.

I remained active during both pregnancies and I even developed a passion for running. After having completed my first half-marathon less than a year after having my second daughter, I decided to embark on a new challenge: boot camp with Suzanna and the Healthy Habits community! Adding weight training to my running training drastically improved my performance, helped me shed what was left of the baby weight, and develop new friendships with our fit community.

I am now preparing to run my second half-marathon and I am confident that with Suzanna’s help and advice, I will be able to reach my race-day objective. At 38 years old, I am in the best shape of my life! I know in my heart that meeting Suzanna back in 2009 was a turning point in my life, which truly shifted my perspective on health and I will always be thankful to her for everything she has taught me and for believing in me.


Trish H., Brossard

Looking to get in shape and have a healthy life style ? Come join us at our awesome bootcamps that Suzanna gives ! It's not only exercise but you will also learn how to eat healthy from Suzanna who puts her heart and soul into making a difference in your life .

If you want to push yourself to your limit and see results, Suzanna is the person to turn to. With personalized training, comments and motivation, you will enjoy working out a good sweat with a group of people who want the same. You’ll even come to love it and want more!

signed , Crazed endorphine junkie

Cassandra C., St-Hubert, Québec

As an impatient person that I am, the scale has always been my worst enemy. When I started Suzanna’s program back in May 2016 I told her about my old haunt, she quickly answered that I wouldn’t be needing a scale to see the results if I followed her instructions. This turned out to be true, in a month I wasn’t fighting to get my jeans on anymore.

The first two weeks were the hardest, and to be honest I felt like quitting. I remember the first day Suzanna asked me to do a burgee, I was so nervous I had to tell her that I was too tall to be able to do that, but she did not accept my 5’11 feet height as an excuse and ordered me to start doing them.

The fact that Suzanna believes in my body more than myself empowers me to complete every class. I also quickly felt like I was part of a team, and now on my off days I know I can count on my teams’ energy to make it through the workout.

Fortunately, I cannot say it has gotten any easier but that is because Suzanna always comes up with different exercises, circuits and routines to challenge us time after time.

Back in June I asked Suzanna to coach me, after one private session my energy shifted completely, she was able to pin point my fears and burdens and helped me find a way to deal with them.

Suzanna was able to teach me that health is not about looks but about a state of mind, that food was not my enemy and that is all about balance. She is my greatest motivator. 

In 4 months I have lost 16 pounds and two sizes, but most importantly I have made great friends and I am a happier person. I am still a work in progress but with Suzanna I know I will get to be a better version of myself.



Caroline K., Montreal, Québec

Initially I joined Suzanna's boot camp in the hope of losing some weight but little did I know that it would change my whole perspective of life.

My best friend use to always talk about the positive impact that Suzanna and the boot camp program had in her life, so I decided to give it a try. It only took me one class to become a "Suzanna Bootcamp addict"!!!

It is a lot of fun, I workout, I am part of a community with great people which are positive and supportive of each other, I have greater self confidence, I am more conscience of the choices I make as well as the consequences they have on my body and my mind. However, what really got me hooked was Suzanna's passion and determination.

She made me understand how my body functions and why it reacts a certain way. How my emotions affect my physical health. What I should eat, how much I should eat, when I should eat... Basically, she educated me so well that I decided to change my habits because I finally understood my body. Thanks to this program, I feel emotionally and physically healthier plus I lost 12 pounds!!! 



Christiane A., Saint-Lambert, Québec

My personal journey with Suzanna

Since childhood, I have always been into sports. Even though studies and work have at times slowed down my activity level, I have always reverted to practicing sports whenever I could. However, in 2009 at the age of 49, I went back to university for further studies. A few months later, I was diagnosed with a cancer that was treated by surgery. Even though no chemotherapy was necessary, my studies, the various medical tests and the surgery ultimately left me with no possibility or time to exercise for a certain period, may be 2 years. On January 1st 2012, I made the resolution that I would go back to exercising. I joined a gym and decided to hire a personal trainer as an incentive to attend the gym! This is when my great journey with Suzanna started! Initially, I used to show up at my sessions totally exhausted from studying, stress and inactivity. Suzanna sometimes refused to train me because she was afraid that I would injure myself from being so tensed and exhausted. 
We are now almost five years later and the benefits of personal training have been tremendous! I have gradually gained back the energy of my twenties, or almost! Suzanna has developed for me a personalized program catered to my specific medical needs, such as low back and neck injuries, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome. I have learnt the correct way to work out and to use equipment. Under her guidance, I have gradually improved my strength, my endurance, my posture, my flexibility, my balance and coordination, my health and my overall fitness. I have eventually lost my fear of getting injured and have become more adventurous. After one year and a half of personal training with Suzanna, I started attending her spinning classes and fell in love with this activity. I had never attended a group class at the gym before! From then on, for cardio I switched from working out alone on one of those individual machines to attending up to 5-6 spinning classes per week! New friendships were also developed as an added benefit of doing this group activity.


Furthermore, as a personal coach Suzanna not only has given me advices on how to prevent injuries but she has also insisted on finding ways to cure existing ones. She has always tried to find solutions to every problem that may affect my fitness and wellness in general. For example, I had a sore neck since many years and I had given up on trying to find a solution. This condition was preventing me from using my full potential in many activities in addition to be disruptive of my quality of life. At her insistence, I finally decided to seek proper treatment and luckily today the pain is gone and my overall fitness has improved as a result.


Throughout the years, I have always felt that Suzanna cared about me and had a sincere desire to help me. She has definitely succeeded. Today I am 56 years old and through physical activity and proper nutrition, my physical and mental well-being has reached unprecedented levels. My weight is very healthy. My stress level has decreased significantly through activity. In fact, I feel so good that I am currently training for a half marathon that is taking place next month! The longest distance ever run was a 5 km at the age of 32. Feeling healthier and better about myself has also made me a happier and nicer person, at least I like to think so, and this has led to improved relationships with my spouse, my family and my friends.


In conclusion, my coach Suzanna has been a source of inspiration and motivation to keep a lifestyle that places high priority on health and activity. She is a tremendous motivator; she has a great sense of humour in addition to being innovative, empathic, non-judgmental, perceptive and intuitive. Not only is she passionate about fitness and dedicated to coaching, she also has a great knowledge in those fields, knowledge that she keeps improving by reading and undertaking further studies. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to enhance his or her quality of life through physical activity and healthier eating habits.