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LOSE WEIGHT & GET HEALTHY With Our Holistic Approach To Fitness, Health and Wellness 

  • End the confusion and develop a HEALTHY LIFE-STYLE once and for all
  • Never diet again
  • Develop healthy eating habits with coaching, guides, eating plans and checklists
  • Learn how food effects your body, your mood and your energy
  • Get strong accountability, support and guidance from your coaches
  • Join our community and stay disciplined, motivated and inspired to hit your goals.
  • Be an inspiration to others and create a ripple effect to a simpler but happier and healthier life
  • Ask our on-demand experts and coaches your most important questions.


59$ per 6 week


The truth is, it's really hard to stay motivated and consistently follow a healthy lifestyle.

Taking care of ourselves and stay healthy, especially as we age and get busy with demands of life and family, can be super tough.

Hi, My name is Suzanna. I'm a holistic health and life-style coach, a personal trainer  and the founder of Healthy Body-Healthy Mind®

Through my career as a personal trainer and a health coach, I experienced how people struggled to find the time and energy to make it to the gym.


Or even when they made it to the gym, how hard they have found to develop a healthy life-style outside the gym, in the real world. Even if they gave their full effort during their workout, followed their diet, after a certain period of time, they have slipped back to their mindless eating and their regular daily habits.


They consumed food they knew they shouldn't. Late at night after a busy day at work or out with friends and family.


As a single mom with a hectic schedule, I know how hard it is to stick to the routine led by healthy structure and self-care. Even if I have spent my days in the gym, I had hard time finding the time for exercise.


That's when I decided  to make it my mission to learn the secret to develop a life-style based on health and wellness, not restrictions.


I decided to develop a simple system and structure, which makes sense, that helps others and me as well for living a healthy life.


Even though I was still working long hours, training and teaching others, raising my wonderful son alone, I managed to transform my life-style step by step.



  • Through years of learning and testing I've created, the most effective approach to a well-balanced life-style.
  • I have learned to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of many popular diets, cleanses and training methods.
  • I have discovered why my body craves certain foods and why I should listen to those cravings.
  • I have explored the connection between food, spirituality, work and relationships. I found out how cooking at home can boost my health.
  • I have learned how to add to my diet rather than cut back.
  • And most importantly how not to become a health food addict: enjoy my favourite foods without guilt.

This program is for you if:

  • You are tired of following non-sense, restrictive diets,
  • If you are fed up of lacking energy and you are looking for a simple but effective way to develop a healthy life-style,
  • If you feel frustrated by not reaching your goal.

If you finally would like:

  • To lose that stubborn body-fat
  • Boost your energy and self-esteem
  • Learn how to implement REAL, LASTING change without diets or deprivation
  • Have an INCREDIBLE COMMUNITY of support to help motivate you and keep you on track

Join our community

and stay disciplined, motivated

and inspired to hit your goals


  • Enrollment in Healthy Habits Progress Coaching gives you access to our private Facebook community.
  • Share results, chat with other members and get expert advice from our health and fitness coaches, trainers and nutritional consultants.
  • Sharing your progress makes you more likely to reach your goals. That's a science based fact!
  • Stay motivated and get inspired by like-minded people looking to lose weight and get lean.

Experience the power of our HEALTHY HABITS community

This 6 weeks of health and nutrition coaching program is the perfect opportunity to tune in more of who you are, what foods your body thrives on and which ones drain you, and make you sluggish.

In our private group we will post our pictures of daily food intake, and we compare, inspire and support each other, share recipes, share struggles etc.
We will also share our workouts, and our activities.
Posting, of course, is not mandatory but strongly encouraged, so we can grow as a community and create a ripple effect of a healthy life-style.

  • Regular Body Fat Measurements and Bi-weekly Progress Review
  • Nutrition Guide to Help You Feel Great and Get in Shape
  • Nutrition and Life Coaching Seminars
  • Social and Supportive Environment
  • Ongoing Motivation and Support from Your Coach and Teammates
  • Private Healthy Habits Facebook Group and Community
  • Weekly progression of habit changing guide and coaching
  • Tips to stay on track
  • Grocery list
  • Boost your metabolism early morning mini routine
  • Educational live videos of:
    • nutrition,
    • supplements,
    • vegan and vegetarian lifestyle done the right way,
    • goal setting,
    • raising healthy kids, etc...


59$ per 6 week

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